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Touch – A Necessity

Touch is not simply a luxury; it is a physiological necessity essential to life itself.

Most of us have observed a cat or dog gently licking their newborn, and have thought of this as “cleaning the baby.” Actually, this licking is critical to the newborn’s survival. Without it, kittens and puppies don’t develop normal function in their digestive or eliminative systems.

In the early 1900’s we learned that without the stimulation of a loving touch, human infants literally waste away and die. This condition, known as “marasmus,” was discovered when children in foundling homes died of inexplicable causes even while their basic needs were met. Conversely, babies, wasting away at the edge of death, turned around and thrived when cuddled and touched in a loving manner.

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For many, touch is a transpersonal experience. Through physical contact with others, we experience our connection to the community. Touch reverberates through our being, influencing our physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual dimensions. Touch is taught through a variety of methods, each of which has a different focus or intention. All serve to provide nourishment for our common need for human contact.

What follows is an introduction to the modalities through which we explore the “art of touch.” MTIC provides the essential instruction and experience to make it possible for every student to express their own unique “art of touch.”

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