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Required Books and Supplies

    • The Introduction to the Human Body by Gerald Tortora, 10th edition
    • Illustrated Essentials of Musculoskeletal Anatomy by Sieg and Adams, 5th edition
    • Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank Netter, 6th Edition
    • Mosby’s Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage by Sandy Fritz, 6th edition
    • A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology by Ruth Werner & Ben E. Benjamin, 6th edition
    • Trail Guide Student Handbook, 5th edition
    • Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Beil, 5th edition
    • Business Mastery by Sohnen-Moe, 5th edition
    • ABMP Exam Coach


  • Double Holster with 8oz oil
  • Oakworks Massage Table Package