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Massage As Art

When one goes beyond the boundary of technique then they may enter into a realm where the act of delivering a well-designed massage is a living performance art. The therapist synthesizes all the elements of evaluation, technique, and method into an intuitive healing dance. Entering this state is similar to a meditation and when done properly evokes a quality of qi gong, yoga, and Tai ji. This is a state of mind often referred to as “hooking up.” It’s like a modern day shaman who guides us on a journey towards greater awareness, sensation, and insight.

We discover the essence of life, expressed in human form. We open to all that we are, all that we have experienced… all that we may become.

Hands express much that is unavailable in the realm of the word, image or sound. Touch reaches us in ways uniquely profound. An artist’s touch evokes states of consciousness, opening body-heart-mind-emotion-soul. Properly focused, touch brings insight, balance, growth, and healing. There are unique states of awareness and consciousness which are attainable in a masterfully conducted massage performance. These states are as varied as the lives of the participants. The medium for this art is the body. The artist strives to master this medium, so the desired symphony of health, healing, and harmony are achieved. Harmony may be aligned with our soul’s purpose, or simply freeing the body of constraint.

When massage is practiced at a high level, the therapists’ hands soothe, calm, nourish, guide, open, align, enliven, untangle, decompress, de-stress, re-organize, stabilize, remind, inform, infuse, energize and enrich the human experience.

The artist blends their talent into a fusion of sensitivity, concentration, intention, and focus, which transcends fundamental theory and technique. The artist seeks to use massage as a tool for transformation… not only opening constrained flesh and reluctant vessel but touching heart, emotion, spirit… soul.

Art reveals something inside ourselves, gives a glimpse of our potential for greatness, gives us a sense of humility and grace while elevating the spirit.

Art confronts ignorance and fear, exposes pain and joy… moves us to reflection and awareness.

Art sustains our hopes and dreams, reminds us of our path, enlivens our existence… captures our truth.

Art reaches the primal and communes with the spirit. This and more is available through touch.

Touch is a nutrient, bringing the nervous system a feast of sensation that keeps body systems working fluidly… reconnecting and balancing reflexes while opening the body-mind to greater awareness and function.

MTIC is dedicated to the pursuit of this art.

We invite you to develop yourselves… to seek a path of artistry in healing.