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Our Admissions Philosophy

MTIC is devoted to high-quality education for massage therapy. We strive to provide the advanced curriculum and professional development opportunities which will position our graduates to build a successful and personally rewarding career. If you have the desire and the drive to succeed as a massage professional, we can help you take advantage of the unique curriculum at MTIC.

Each applicant will be assessed for qualities appropriate for the practice of massage including education, motivation, a level of maturity, ability and communication skills. Applicants are required to schedule an appointment with the MTIC Chief Administrator. We will assist the prospective student in making application decisions.

MTIC Admissions Student& Instructor Massage Training

Admission Requirements

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have one of the following documents: a High School Diploma, GED, a recognized state equivalency, or an academic transcript or diploma of higher education. Applicants should be in good health, conscious of wellness concepts and healthy living, and able to commit to completing the program successfully.

The academic achievements above will ensure the student’s ability to benefit at our school. Applicants must have financial resources arranged and available for the costs of the program.

Admission Procedures

Please submit the following to be considered for admission:

  • Complete application.
  • Include an official transcript detailing prior credits in the form of college transcripts and/or diploma, high school transcript and/or diploma, or a GED equivalency.
  • A recent CV or resume.
  • A copy of a current driver’s license or passport
  • Two letters of recommendation about your character and integrity which include contact information for the person who has written it. Letters must be in sealed separate envelopes and may be mailed directly to us.
  • A typed essay (1-2 pages) of intent expressing your desire, commitment, and goals for joining MTIC. The essay may contain information about yourself, how you became interested in Massage Therapy, and reasons for applying to MTIC.
  • A non-refundable $25.00 registration fee.

Instructions for Successful Applicants

  • No application will be processed until all required documents have been received. After all the above materials are received, the admissions committee will review the application. Applicants who are accepted will be notified by phone and by email.
  • Applicants who have completed the application paperwork need to contact the Financial Aid Department to finalize a student financial plan.
  • Applicants who have been accepted for entrance into the MTIC program will be notified to schedule a secondary interview with the Chief Administrator to sign an Enrollment Contract.
  • All incoming new students must attend Orientation. Orientation is held two weeks prior to the program start date. Review the Acceptance Letter for the exact date and time.

Equal Opportunity Policy

MTIC does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability or handicap, or other status when admitting students to our program. Our requirements are uniformly applied to all students.

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