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504 Hour Advanced Bodywork Training Program

Continuing Education Course at MTIC: Manual Therapy & Medical Massage

The MTIC Advanced Bodywork Training in “Manual Therapy & Medical Massage” (formerly known as “Year 2”) has been offered to CMT/LMT graduates since 1989. This continuing education course continues to be offered exclusively by MTIC as a unique advanced training for CMT/LMTs.

  • The Advanced Bodywork Training is 504 hrs; 44 quarter credits and is a “stand-alone” course,
  • Starts in Fall 2018 and lasts about 12 months
  • Mondays 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • One Saturday per month
  • For CMT/LMT graduates seeking Continuing Education, MTIC offers a “second-year” advanced training in Myofascial Therapy.

Phase One: of this Manual Therapy & Medical Massage program begins with specific combinations of “Myofascial Technique” and “Articular Release and Alignment Methods,” The myofascial and articular balancing methods are presented in a highly effective Regional Treatment model. Students learn in-depth details and treatment methods on a very thorough joint by joint, “Fascial Plane” section by body section treatment approach which forms a broad and uniquely functional foundation for Myofascial Therapy.

Phase Two: is a unique training in the use of Asian Manual Therapy Methods utilizing Acupressure, Meridian/Channels, and Acupoint theory and applying specific techniques to the Meridians and Tendino-Muscle Channels while using acupoints to facilitate energetic responses with Manual Therapy and Myofascial treatments.

Phase Three: is a presentation of a 10 session model of Myofascial Therapy useful for postural balancing and movement integration. The course includes Basic Movement Patterns for Myofascial Therapy that are designed to complement the Myofascial and AcuEnergetic Therapies studied in the Manual Therapy and Medical Massage Course The Manual Therapy and Medical Massage course is a unique continuing education experience, which brings forth the potential for years of results-oriented Myofascial therapy study and practice. It is demanding training designed to transform the abilities and uplift the practice of the serious student/practitioner. The knowledge and techniques, combined with heightened abilities to view the body and structure and to interact in multiple ways with a variety of therapeutic interventions will provide the successful graduate practitioner with a mark of distinction in the field of Body Therapies.

  • Tuition for the 504-hour course is $7,500, Books & Supplies are $600. Total cost of the course is $8,100.
  • Payment plans are available.

Please note that this continuing education course is not part of the COMTA accredited program.

For more information, please contact the Administration at 303-329-6345 or admissions@mtic.edu

MTIC will teach you how to blend technical expertise with skilled hands, an open heart, and body wisdom that can change lives for the better.