Year 2 Advanced Bodywork Training

MTIC’s 2014 Year 2 Advanced Bodywork Training is under way. To find out more about further education as a Massage Professional, please contact Kevin Howard (Director of Enrollment) at the Administration Office at MTIC at 303-329-6345.

The year 2 course begins November 3, 2014 and will run for 68 classroom meetings for 408 total hours. The program runs 18 months to cover the material. The class meets from 10:00 4:00 p.m. every Monday, excluding holidays.  There will be a 30-40 minute lunch break.

New material will be presented in each class. It is a good idea to plan to practice with the new material and techniques. This will allow you to develop and incorporated the new skills in order to learn the next set of information and technique. The Year 2 course is a challenging program designed to elevate your perception of the body and your skills as a bodyworker.

Cost: $5,400* (Includes books and supplies) Schedule: 1 day per week for 18 months (Mondays, 10AM – 4PM) for a total 408 hours. Course Schedule: November 3, 2014 through May 2, 2016. *Monthly payments of $300.00 ($365.00 tuition deposit).

Advanced training in Myofascial Therapy

Phase One of this program begins with specific combination of “Myofascial Technique” and “Articular Release and Alignment Methods.” The myofascial and articular balancing methods are presented in a highly effective Regional Treatment model. Students learn in-depth details on a very thorough, joint-by-joint treatment approach which forms a broad and uniquely functional foundation for Myofascial Therapy.

Phase Two is a unique training in the use of Acupressure Energetics utilizing Meridian/Channels and Acupoint theory and applying specific techniques to the meridians and Tendino-Muscle Channels while using acupoints to facilitate energetic responses with Myofascial treatments.

Phase Three is a presentation of a 10 session model of Myofascial Therapy useful for postural balancing and movement integration. Along with the Year II Myofascial Therapy, Basic Movement Patterns for Myofascial Therapy are introduced to complement the Myofascial and AcuEnergetic Therapies studied in the Year II massage classes. Year II is a demanding training designed to transform the abilities and uplift the practice of the serious student/practitioner. The knowledge and techniques, combined with heightened abilities to view the body and structure, and to interact in multiple ways with a variety of therapeutic interventions will provide the successful graduate practitioner with a mark of distinction in the field of Body Therapies.