Welcome to our 900 Hour Certified Massage Therapist Program

At MTIC, we have created a program for students interested in pursuing massage therapy as a career. We are proud of our method teaching remedial massage and honored to support this important trend in holistic health care. For too long health care lacked adequate choices for the individual in need of alternative care. Fortunately, times do
change. Today, time-honored therapies are re-emerging to claim their rightful place in health care.

In 1969 an estimated 4-6% of Americans were interested in receiving holistic health care. Insurance did not cover these methods. Today it is estimated that over 60% of Americans are using alternative care. Holistic health care has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise and many insurance companies offer coverage for a variety of modalities, including massage therapy. It shows the effectiveness of these methods and establishes their legitimate place in health care.

In-Depth Clinical Experience

At MTIC we are proud of our faculty’s broad experience and strong commitment to excellence in massage therapy as a healing art. Our faculty has extensive clinical experience treating cases of pain, injury, musculo-skeletal imbalances, stress related disorders and many other modern ailments. MTIC provides the quality instruction necessary to bring people into this important profession.

We emphasize scientific principles, palpation skills & technique along with enhancing intuitive skills. A skilled therapist possesses abilities in all these areas and applies them uniquely to each individual. Massage is not a recipe, or set of techniques… it is an art and a science. When properly applied it is an important part of
healing. Beyond reducing pain and stress, helping heal strains, sprains and other injuries, massage can heighten and enhance the quality of life.

A Proud Tradition

For centuries, massage has been used for healing, longevity and personal growth. We are proud to continue and build upon this great tradition and to contribute to the emergence of this time honored profession. For those of you who are prepared to dedicate yourselves to the serious study of this healing art, MTIC extends a warm welcome. We congratulate you on choosing to make a healing difference. We are devoted to your success and to the continued growth of massage as a healing art.

Warm Regards,
Mark Manton, MTIC Director