The Faculty at MTIC


MTIC Faculty are a diverse group of exceptionally qualified massage professionals who are graduates of the MTIC program and practicing RMTs. They have thousands of hours of massage education and operate successful massage practices. MTIC faculty have gone through extensive training at MTIC; first as students of the program, followed by 1-3 years as teaching assistants working under experienced MTIC faculty. In addition MTIC faculty actively pursue continuing education in areas of specialization such as sports massage, cranial therapy, myofascial therapy, pregnancy massage, Thai massage, medical massage, manual therapy, acupressure, Tai Ji, hot stone and much more. The amazing breadth and depth of their massage education and practical experience provides students access to a tremendous wealth of professional knowledge and clinical expertise.

MTIC faculty are intensely devoted to the art, science and practice of professional level massage therapy and practice it as a profound and unique healing art. They are devoted teachers and practitioners who seek to impart the utmost in skill, knowledge and results to their students and clients. They are excited about sharing this art with those who seek to become the best massage professional they can become.

The experience of the MTIC difference and excellence is in large part a product of this outstanding faculty and program.


MTIC Admin Statement

The MTIC Administrators are a talented group of compassionate and caring individuals devoted to your success as a student and are here to serve you. MTIC admin takes pride in guiding and supporting students through all phases of the MTIC experience. From first contact, admissions interviews, tours, financial aid counseling, to enrollment, to tracking and supporting your progress through each quarter and to graduation MTIC administrators will be there for you. They are available to help with your questions and assist you with your schedules and encourage you to keep on track for program completion. Feel free to contact MTIC admin via email or phone (303-329-6345).


Mark Manton, MTIC Director
Jennifer Bell, Chief Administrator & Student Clinic Coordinator
Deana Sandoval, Financial Aid Admin & Administrative Assistant
Kevin Howard, Director of Admissions, Enrollment & Marketing
Patrick Cross, Student Clinic Director